(Vinyl LP / CD / DIGITAL)
(Audiotrauma / Le Label Beige / Ant-Zen)

OUT 12.feb.2020 

After more than 16 years of existence, the french duo 2kilos &More keep reinventing their music using samples, guitars, drums, digital and organic sounds that are constantly renewed and restructured. With their latest opus they’ve created a line of tension with a strong suggestive power that’s permeated with instrumental explosions. The performer Black Sifichi accompanies 2k&M yet again with his incisive spoken word on 1 song, and confirms an advantageous artistic collaboration with the band. Produced by DEF (who also composed the MS10 bass lines) and mastered by Norscq. 

Atypical and contemporary, their music can be associated in the realm of Autechre, along with Sonic Youth. Their project, half feminine and half masculine, neo rock and neo electro, attempts to create a true parity coupled to a large range of musical styles.

2kilos &More have composed for short films, made remixes for well known artists (Tuxedomoon, Trisomie 21, Rapoon, Von Magnet…) and have previously released; one maxi 3″ cd, 5 albums and a double compilation of live+remixes (please take a look at the discography tab).

The press has described them, right from the beginning, as “a subtil mix between ambient-electronic (:Zoviet*France:, Tim Hecker) and post rock (Labradford, Mogwaï)”, since then, their style has evolved to a more hybrid, complex and rhythmic music.

It’s especially during their Berlin period, in 2006, while preparing the second album entre3villes, that the band found its true persona and were open and receptive to vocal collaborations. They invited several artists such as Black Sifichi (who has worked, with The Black Dog, Simon Fisher Turner, Brain Damage, Lena, Rodolphe Burger, WEACE..), Flore Magnet and Phil Von from the band Von Magnet.

They then developed a scenography for their live concerts which is now built around a curved structure and a translucent tulle screen. This has become the visual signature of their live shows, with projections of the original videos of Lisa May (who were also a dancer for Jan Fabre) that take audiences on a journeyToday 2kilos &More have performed more than 80 concerts throughout Europe and have shared stage with prestigious bands such as Kieran Hebden (Four Tet), Steve Reid, Silver Apples, Dive, Imminent, Damo Suzuki, Trisomie 21, Barn Owl, Rapoon, Von Magnet, Enduser, Hint, The Legendary Pink Dots, Die! Die! Die!, Evi Vine…